Workdir - Working with directories

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Workdir - Working with directories

Download Workdir 1.2

Our tool “Workdir” is one of the oldest tools we use. For more than ten years, we have no longer navigating between directories, but press a button that will open a directory directly in Windows Explorer or provide a shell. This makes working with directories much easier.

In the published version, up to ten directories can be specified. If you need more directories, copy the executable file to another folder and configure for another ten directories. There is no limit to running at the same time.

Installation and Configuration

Save the downloaded workdir.exe in a destination folder of your choice and start the program. A configuration file is created, which you can download directly from the button “Config”. Enter the desired directories in the [DIRECTORY] section, save and press Reload button.

Now you have the functions to open the directories in the command line, in a git-bash or in the Windows Explorer. You have any other programs that you want to open directly with the directory? To do this, configure app1 or app2, or change the parameters for the three standard commands.

The value for the cmd key corresponds to the program, param is the parameters you want to pass to the program. Directories with spaces when specifying cmd must be stored in quotes to be included.

cmd=" C:\Program Files\ Git\ git-bash.exe"
param=—cd= {directory}

cmd=start cmd
param=/k "cd {directory}"

param=/select, {directory}



dir1= C:\Projects
dir2= C:\Customers\Projects
dir3= C:\Testdata
dir4= C:\erpware\tools

Please always specify the directories using the variable {directory}. This is replaced and assembled accordingly when the commands are executed. Of course, you can also specify executable files or shell scripts that are called accordingly. This has not been necessary for ourselves so far.

Version Information

Once we have released a new version of Workdir, we will see the changes that have been made to it in more detail here.

We would be pleased to accept your suggestions regarding the Workdir tool. We look forward to any feedback. Please use our contact form.

Version 1.2 - 2021-02-13

  • NEW: Update function checks version and did not open webpage automatically (using openssl)
  • CHG: Link to, not anymore
  • FIX: Resizeable window to fix long paths

Version 1.1

  • Correction of a button that had displayed and invoked the wrong value.

Version 1.0

  • First version released


This software Workdir is freeware and may also be passed on without our consent! We assume no liability for the software!