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ID Validation 1.4.4 released

03. February 2021

What has changed in version 1.4.4?

The version 1.4.4 of the ID Validation that we released today fixes a bug within the interface of the Federal Central Office for Taxation (BZSt). It happened that a timeout of the interface was reported, which would cause could indicate that processing was aborted or partially empty results were present in the output file.

Please update to the new version as soon as possible. The new timeout is set to 60 seconds. This should be virtually all Resolve requests for existing issues. In the versions of the ID Validation or of the module VAT Validation the default timeout is 5 seconds.

We will continue to test the interface of the Federal Central Office for Taxes in order to return this timeout to reduce.

If you have any further errors or longer answers about this timeout, please let us know. Only if if we learn about it, we can correct our VAT Validation module.

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