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ID Validation 1.4.0 released

17. January 2021

What has changed in version 1.4.0?

We are very pleased to have released version 1.4.0 of our ID Validation including the module VAT Validation 3.5.0. We have thus met the most frequent requests of our customers: importing JSON (VAT) and XLSX (Excel) (VAT) documents.

As you have already noticed in the last few days and weeks, we have already published the documentation before the release of the new version updated and made further changes to the website for this purpose.

The import of CSV (VAT) files has remained completely unchanged and therefore does not require any adjustments on your part. The new import formats JSON (VAT) and XLSX (Excel) we tried to describe as accurately as possible. Surely we have one or the other information when creating of the documentation is omitted. We will expand this as soon as possible.

In addition to the innovations in the import formats, we have also better integrated the documentation into the ID Validation. You can find in the main menu under “Documentation” a reference to the latest version.

In addition, many, even minor changes, have carried out validation in the interface of the ID. Find a detailed overview in the Change History for ID Validation (incl. the modules).

With this version, we have now created a new foundation to address the next two modules that we would like to release in the spring. This includes the validation of the EORI number, as well as the Swiss UID. The first test versions are already tested internally and will be tested after the is implemented in the same way as the VAT Validation. The Internet domains are also available for this, only the content is still filed.

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