News about the VAT Validation

On this page we would like to give you all the news about the module “VAT Validation” and of course also of the ID validation itself, which serves as the basic software.

06/02/2021 - ID Validation 1.4.5

03/02/2021 - ID Validation 1.4.4

31/01/2021 - ID Validation 1.4.3 - New module: EORI Validation

01/26/2021 - ID Validation 1.4.2

01/24/2021 - ID Validation 1.4.1

01/17/2021 - ID Validation 1.4.0

We are always looking forward to your feedback and suggestions. Hardly any new function within the software or a module would be without the Feedback from our customers and sales partners.

Thank you very much for this at this point!

Your erpware team