EORI Validation: Validate and check EORI Number

EORI Validation is a module of our ID Validation software that allows you to check a single EORI number or query an EORI number. However, the main function of our module is batch processing, which allows you to check your entire master data at once.

Overview of the module EORI Validation

ID Validation - module ‘EORI Validation’ check EORI number

Single Validation

  • no restriction of workstation installations
  • direct query and response of interfaces
  • Manual testing can be used without licensing
  • Check and validate via standardised, simple interface
  • Verification (usually) within a few seconds (depending on settings in the program)
  • Storage of raw data for auditing
  • Check and validate using Economic Operator Systems (EOS)



  • Identical functions as batch processing
  • 100% integration into existing applications possible
  • Fully controllable via CLI parameters
  • Possibility of a central directory for background processing
  • Sending e-mails to specialists

Only for the Batch Processing and cli/Service functions of the EORI Validation, the purchase of a license is required**. You can purchase a license from the License Order page.

Validate EORI Number

Perform individual query of an EORI number

Since you may install the ID Validation on any workstation in your company, the single query is also available for every employee.

ID Validation - Module ‘EORI Validation’ EORI number check - single query

This will save you from calling the corresponding web page, since our module uses exactly the identical interface.

Validate EORI number with batch processing

With the help of batch processing, you can set up a CSV, JSON or XLSX export from your ERP system and then have it check all contained master data directly with the EORI Validation.

ID Validation - Module ‘EORI Validation’ EORI Number Check - Batch Processing

Select the file you want to import or drag and drop it on the ID Validation and you can check the whole file. It will use the interfaces of the EOS, just like the single query. After a relatively short time you have checked each EORI number and logged it depending on your settings.

cli/Service setup

You can automate the batch processing. Familiarize yourself with using our EORI Validation as a cli/Service. With this function you even get the possibility to receive the status of the check by e-mail. Thus, a complete automation of the verification of an EORI number!

The setup of the module and how to check your EORI numbers is described in detail in our documentation. If you have any further questions, please feel free to have a look at our frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you still have questions, contact us.


We assume no liability for any loss of data due to the use of the module EORI Validation.

The EORI Validation also has no influence on the results obtained. The program returns the EORI Validation results only in a defined format (CSV, JSON, or XLSX). All other fields that are not required for the check are not output in the check results file.

If changes have been made to the interface of the Economic Operator System (EOS), an update of the Software created and made available. This usually takes place within 24 hours after being informed.

We update our EORI documentation the EORI Validation at regular intervals. This allows us to ensure that all important information for the users are available. For changes in the application that are used for the operation does not require special instructions, we update this Documentation is not forcibly. However, we strive to read the documentation at the latest at the release of a new minor version 1.2.x 1.3.x.