Microsoft Excel VBA

Probably the most frequently used business software worldwide is the Office Suite from Microsoft. In recent years, we have frequently received inquiries and implemented projects based on Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Starting with a simple interface connection up to very extensive application cases, we implemented these with VBA and Microsoft Excel. This does not mean, however, that we blindly implement every requirement, but that we also like to question them to see if there are any alternatives. Sometimes a small project became an extensive software, which we could only realize in one team (Test management, Project management, etc.).

In addition to functionality, we also focus on design. We are not designers and Microsoft Excel doesn’t offer the scope of a web application. But inserted into the corporate design, a user interface that rather brings with it another worksheet instead of long scrolling, makes working with the finished application more pleasant at the end.

The application, and in the end it is, should also be maintained. We think very little of statically coded values and we remain much more with positive impression in the memory of our customers than with statements like “again erpware have to ask when they update our price scales”.

We don’t want to keep you here with examples and reference projects. In most cases it was use cases from areas in which it was better not to say that it was a spreadsheet that made a decision as to whether a deal was made or not. We know about confidentiality.

If you want to make a difference, it’s best to contact us. Or create a new one. Or just to test us.

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