Individual Software

In addition to the already published software ID Validation, we are also happy to create individual applications and tools for you.

To give you an idea of what we have already realized for our customers, here is a small excerpt:

  • Duplicate check for article master data
  • Verification of meta information in customer master data
  • Validation of bank account details
  • Migration of data formats
  • New development of existing tools to modern software architectures (e.g. Golang)

We would also be pleased to check your requirements to see whether we can implement them. Our many years of experience will also help you to check existing concepts.

Can my tool not also become standard software?

Why not? If there are enough interested parties, we can also develop a standard software from a requirement. Time and patience are the decisive factors here, as we start a survey among all customers in order to obtain feedback.

What is the difference to a standard software?

Standard software, such as the Modules of the ID Validation, uses standardized, public interfaces to validate data or enrich it with information. The integration effort itself is child’s play due to easily understandable data formats such as CSV. Here we have started the initial development ourselves and have constantly expanded it through customer feedback.

So that we can support you, it is best to contact us today.

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