Roadmap of ID Validation

Our ID Validation is constantly being further developed and updated. Most new features are built based on requests of our customers, whom we gladly accept.

We would be pleased to give you an overview of all future extensions of ID Validation and their modules. The respective we have highlighted the latest feature, since the release version makes the most of the changes in so-called bugfix releases.

We adapt our software to the requirements of our customers even after a release. For this it is important from you to receive feedback. You can send them to us via our contact form.

Scheduled Features

We are constantly working on new functions for our software ID Validation. These extensions are included in all existing added modules if they make use of them.

New Feature: Information System

With the information system, we would like to send you information, such as known problems within a interface (and, if necessary, its solution if there is a corresponding setting option within the ID Validation).

One of the upcoming updates will already include this, as we deal with the problems of the BZST interface exactly this could have already been used.

New feature: Statistical data

We would like to include an option in one of the next versions to learn more about using our and modules. We maintain data protection very high and want to use this function only the following Collect information:

  • Which version is used?
  • What type of validation was called (manual review, batch processing, or background processing)

Of course, this function is optional and can be activated or deactivated individually by each customer!

Scheduled Modules

We are constantly working on new modules for integration into our software ID Validation

New Module: Duplicate Check

Review and clean up your address master data. Further information can be found on the page of our new module: “Duplicate Check”

New Module: UID Switzerland

Switzerland also offers an interface to check the data of the so-called UID. We would like to connect this interface with this version, so that our customers can also use Swiss address data can check.

Please note that at this time we do not have version 2 of ID Validation , i.e. all new functions and modules are included in the regular updates of version 1 included. As soon as we know that a version 2 will be released, we will announce this in time.


1.4.3 New Module: EORI Number

Check the EORI number (customs number) of your business partners. Individually or your complete inventory.

1.4.0 New feature: Support JSON, XLSX and XML as well as CSV column names

Previously, the order of imported data had to be adhered to. For this version we planned to use column headings and thus make the import flexible. At the same time, we extend the format by JSON, XLSX and XML, i.e. the detour via CSV is no longer necessary.

  • Scheduled for version: 1.4.0
  • Import XLSX (Excel) files
  • Import JSON files
  • Import XML files
  • free configuration of column names

1.3.0 Backup of raw data during queries

The goal is to save all requests from the request of the interface and its response. The output is done per request, even if you try again. Additionally, a hash is generated to guarantee the authenticity of the data.

  • Implemented and released with version: 1.3.0
  • Audit-proof documentation of all queries
  • Output of all queries with request and response of the BZST/VIE (and future UID)
  • Display and query option is available since version 1.3.2

As part of the bugfix release, not only errors that have occurred are fixed, but also optical improvements are performed.