ID Validation: About our software

Idea and Origin

The idea for ID Validation arose from the continuous development of “VAT Validation”. We ourselves were dissatisfied with the technology used and lack of possibility to change the program itself to expand further modules. Therefore, at the beginning of 2019, we had decided to rewrite the complete “VAT Validation” and apply to the dependency a framework like .Net completely. The result is the Software ID Validation, which can be extended via so-called modules. The first module is Of course, the “VAT Validation” from the history.


Users of versions 1 or versions 2 of the “old” “VAT Validation” still know the need to install a.Net Framework and in recent years also the Need to use very specific versions.

Due to modularization, we were able to completely break away from it and are also able to validate the ID for Linux.

The main application “ID Validation” was completely implemented in Lazarus. Here, an attempt was made to keep all logic out of the program and put it into the actual service modules.

The modules, first of course the module “VAT Validation” (ServiceVAT) was in go (golang written. In this module we have implemented all the relevant logics necessary for processing.

All other modules that we have planned, such as UID Switzerland, are built according to the same principle. This allows us to ensure that even any service without the use of the graphical programs in third party programs can be integrated.

Outlooks and support requests

You have opted for ID Validation from us and are missing a function? You receive error messages that cannot be explained by faulty directories or appropriate protocol entries have to be resolved?

To do this, we have the Frequently Asked Questions available at , the cause of which may be undermined by other users. Of course, not all questions related to ID Validation are included here.

For all questions that are specifically related only to your data can be checked, please use the following e-mail address: [](mailto: “")

Please enter the version used, the data file, as well as the corresponding data, with which the error can be traced if necessary. This data is only available for the internal processing is determined. You can also, if irrelevant for the support case, change the data so as not to send real data. However, important in this amendment is that the error remains traceable. If necessary, try again before sending us this to generate unnecessary runtimes in case of support.

Of course, you can also tell us your wishes for Function Extensions. Please also use the following e-mail address [](mailto: “"). We are always happy about suggestions or constructive criticism, which we will try to implement as soon as possible. Only by Your feedback will turn the software into what you can use optimally in the end.

If you have a very specific case for which you have hitherto in vain relying on a supporting tool , please contact us. We would be happy to check your specifications and implement them.

We are always striving to expand the range of functions to give you more information and support on this and other topics.

If you are interested in future changes and innovations, you can directly on our Roadmap.