Planned Features

  • Selects interface BZSt or EU Available since version 1.1
  • multi-client capability Available since version 1.2
  • Implementation module UID Switzerland
  • Implementation module OID Croatia

Changelog ID Validation

In our changelog you can see all changes of the individual versions.

The latest version can be downloaded from the Download page.

ID Validation 1.2.4

  • [IV-17] Entry dialog of several VAT ID numbers could delete data
  • module VAT ID check 3.2.3
    • [SV-10] Output of all parameters of service now possible
    • [SV-11] Temporary output file during batch processing
    • [SV-14] Update go 1.13.5

ID Validation 1.2.3

  • no changes
  • Modules USt-IdNr test 3.2.2
    • [SV-12] Fix wrong replacement of return values
    • [SV-13] Fix import of quoted text

ID Validation 1.2.2

  • [IV-15] Display sales partner within license information
  • [IV-16] Correction English translation
  • Modules USt-IdNr test 3.2.1
    • no changes

ID Validation 1.2.1

  • [IV-14] Return values of the BZSt were not always generated
  • Modules VAT-ID-Check 3.2.1
    • [SV-8] Under Windows 10 no visible output was output in the cli under certain circumstances
    • [SV-9] Revision cli Parameter

ID Validation 1.2.0

  • [IV-10] Multi-client capability
  • [IV-11] Updated translation
  • Modules VAT-ID-Check 3.2.0
    • [SV-5] Multi-client capability
    • [SV-6] Sender name for e-mail dispatch

ID Validation 1.1.0

  • [IV-8] Implement the interface selection between BZSt and VIES
  • [IV-9] make some fields read only
  • Modules VAT-ID-Check 3.1.0
    • [SV-3] Implemented VIES (european validation of VAT IDs)
    • [SV-4] added timestamp to the output CSV files

ID Validation 1.0.1

  • [IV-6] Changes of the settings showed licensed version only after restart
  • [IV-7] Button to test the email without function
  • Modules VAT-ID-Check 3.0.1
    • [SV-1] Increase of testable CSV data sets from 5 to 25
    • [SV-2] Cleanup test output when sending e-mail

ID Validation 1.0.0

  • Complete new development and cleanup of features of version 2x
  • Simplified User Interface
  • multilingualism (German/English)
  • no more dependencies to a .Net Framework
  • No installation necessary
  • Modular structure for easier expansion
  • Modules also executable as cli-application
  • Module VAT-ID-Check 3.0.0
    • A German VAT is required.
    • complete revision of the features contained in version 2

VAT-ID-Check (EOL)

The software VAT-ID-Check has been included as a module in the software ID Validation and will therefore not be further developed.

  • NEW:
    • Use of erpware’s own Software Deployment Network (SDN).
  • CHG:
    • Signed setup to verify authenticity
  • FIX:
    • Autocorrect the setting to correct the TLS 1.2 error.

  • FIX:
    • TLS 1.2 Error during queries via BZSt interface.

  • NEW:
    • New return code 221 inserted.
    • Settings for qualified query: Valid VAT ID No. for invalid company data can be returned as incorrect.
  • FIX:
      • Configurable waiting times between individual queries, to correct the incorrect 205 return code..
      • Adjustment to changed layout of the BZSt.


    • Update and check all links.
    • Corrections to the display of messages (line breaks).

  • NEW:
    • Productive and test modes available.
    • Use export file name from import file names.
  • FIX:
    • possible runtime error due to tmp file fixed
    • Adjustment and correction of notification outputs.

  • NEW:
    • Automatic Check Test (Windows Service) now possible.
  • CHG:
    • line breaks in CSV export removed.
    • Disregarding format errors (spaces, upper/lower case) through configuration.
    • Temporary files during a test run.
  • FIX:
    • message texts were adapted.
    • runtime error during batch processing.
    • Adjustment Links to BZSt.
    • Automatic: Processing only of CSV or XML files.
    • Optimization of some code locations.
    • Version information unified.

  • CHG:
    • license files can now be selected according to the pattern ewUStID*.xml.
  • FIX:
    • Optimization at timeout for queries

  • NEW:
    • Possibility to test e-mail settings (button) (previously from 2.5)
  • CHG:
    • Extended Error Messages for Windows Service (Automatic)*
    • various small changes in layout for better display (first from 2.5)
  • FIX:
    • Message after checking with batch processing was not displayed
    • Log file from batch processing of XML files no longer in the import file
    • Case-sensitive check caused processing errors (CSV, XML)
    • messages partially optimized (first of all from 2.5)

* Please note that the Windows service has access to the license file (path in the settings)

  • FIX:
    • Error when loading and reporting XML files in batch processing and Windows Service

  • FIX:
    • Proxy-Server caused problems, which we fixed now

  • FIX:
    • Settings not correct in some cases
    • Return values were not accepted correctly.

  • Complete revision of the program
  • Simplification/optimization of the surface
  • Automatic check now as Windows Service
  • revision in many places

  • Adjustment of the update routine
  • Removal of proxy connections
  • Correction for feedback signals with special characters
  • Miscellaneous minor bugfixes
  • Correction after update to version 1.4.x
  • Display on return of results for single query magnified
  • Correction of maintenance instructions for the BZSt
  • translation German/English
  • Complete Refactoring, Performance Optimization
  • Correction Proxy connection
  • BZSt maintenance instructions (only in German)
  • Smaller layout changes
  • E-Mail dispatch for trial version
    With the unlicensed version, the function of sending e-mails could not be tested. This was fixed.
  • smaller changes
    Minimal changes were made to the surface, which had no effect on the function.
  • Correction for separators in CSV
    If not all fields were specified, the error for an incorrect separator was incorrectly output.
  • Configuration file under Windows XP
    Under Windows XP it could happen that the paths were set incorrectly and thus a correct function of the program was prevented.
  • Settings not accepted correctly
    If a change was made to the paths of the user-defined return values, these were not applied.
  • Initialization error fixed
    Under the Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Server 2003 operating systems, an initialization error occurred when the application was started for the first time. This was fixed.
  • Return results qualified query
    If a qualified query fails, a simple query is automatically performed. The reasons for this behavior are now output with
  • suppression of test results
    The management of the return values can now be used to specify whether they should be exported or not.

Minimal changes:

  • correct path for individual return values
  • Smaller changes and optimizations
  • Reimplementation support Windows XP/2003
    Support for Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server has been added again.
  • Without support for Microsoft Windows XP and 2003
    • New design
      The application has been completely redesigned and now uses WPF.

as the basic technology.

  • Batch processing
    Checking a file without setting up automatic processing
  • Advanced settings
    The debug mode can now also be used to change system-relevant settings.
  • Distance Start parameter
    The command line call has been removed.

Minimal changes:

  • User related return values now easier to edit
  • revision of all dialogs
  • New Setup Routine
  • Settings no longer user-related, centrally in ProgramData

Please uninstall an already installed version before the update. Unfortunately, settings cannot be applied.

  • Extended check
    In addition, the check for the occurrence of spaces and upper and lower case has been included.
  • small changes
    Minor changes have been made to the interface, which have no effect on the processing of the data.
  • Stability of query improved
    Occasionally, the processing of longer queries could be interrupted. This was corrected and at the same time the speed increased slightly.
  • check for correct delimiter
    Sometimes an error occurred due to a different separator, which acknowledged the processing with an incorrect error message.
  • various minor changes
    further changes have been made, but these have no effect on the processing and use of the software.
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