About ID Validation

Idea and formation

The idea for ID Validation arose from the continuous further development of the VAT-ID-Check. We ourselves were dissatisfied with the technology used and the lack of the possibility to add further modules to the program. Therefore, at the beginning of 2019, we decided to rewrite the complete USt-IdNr check and to do without the dependency on a framework. The result is the software ID Validation, which can be extended via so-called modules. The first module is, of course, the USt-IdNr check.

Outlooks and support requests

You have decided for the ID Validation from us and miss a function? You receive error messages that cannot be explained by incorrect directories or by corresponding log entries?

For this purpose we have set up a FAQ, which can be used in case of errors, the cause of which could possibly be undermined by other users.
For all questions that can only be checked with your data, please use the following e-mail address:

Please indicate the version used, the data file, and the corresponding data with which the error can be reproduced. This data is for internal processing only.

Of course, you can also express your wishes regarding function extensions. You can also use the above e-mail address here.
We are always anxious to extend the functional range in order to give you further information and support with this and other topics.
If you are interested in future changes and innovations, you can view them directly on our Roadmap .

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