VAT Validation: Configuration Module


The main menu Extras — Settings VAT number displays the settings for the module “VAT Validation”. In these settings, additional to successfully register your VAT number (even if you are not actively using the module itself).

General Settings


Your VAT number will be entered on the tab “General”. This number serves simultaneously for checking for a valid license.

ID Validation Settings VAT General

If you have licensed more than one client, you can download all VAT numbers using the Enter “additional VAT number”.

ID Validation Settings VAT Multiple VAT IDs

The selection in the main window is updated accordingly.

Please note that you only enter licensed VAT ID.

All numbers are checked and if a registered VAT number is not licensed, this will be interpreted as an invalid license.

Interface Selection

You have the option between the interface of the Federal Central Office for Tax or EU (VIES/MIAS). For customers with German VAT ID No. we recommend using the BZST interface.


Through the archive of the VAT Validation, we provide you with a function to comply with the legal requirements of the Storage of requests and responses ready. If the option is activated, please enter the corresponding directory where all requests and responses are stored. If you comply with the legal requirements to save each request, please select a location that will be backed up regularly (backup) and, if applicable, protected against changes by third parties. To do this, ask your IT department to for you.

Please note that every request to the BZST/VIES will be saved. Even retries are saved and can quickly lead to an increase in the number of files.