EORI Validation: XLSX import interface

With the import interface for Microsoft Excel (XLSX) file, the module “EORI Validation” provides you with a way to Check your entire database from your master data.

We make sure that the compatibility of the XLSX EORI interface is maintained (also with Microsoft Excel). This allows you to use the latest version without additional effort when integrating into your ERP system.

In order to be able to uniquely assign an XLSX record from your ERP system in the EORI Validation, you have the option to up to two unique keys in the import file. These are returned in the export file and can be used for reimport into your ERP system. However, you can leave these two fields (key_1 and key_2) blank.

The EORI interface responses the complete data like company name, street, etc. We work on the functionality for a future release of our EORI Validation to extend the XLSX import format to be able to compare your stored datasets with the response to find differences on your site.

Please note that all bold fields must be specified in the import file.

The names of the column headings are searched during import within the XLSX file and assigned during import. Please enter each always enter only one name, e.g. “company name” and not “company, company name”.

The upper and lower case of column headings is not relevant to the import.

Structure — EORI XLSX Import File

Column header (1st row!)FormatExample
key1 or key_1String4711
key2 or key_2String2

Structure — EORI XLSX Export File

The XLSX export file of the EORI Validation contains the returned values of each validation, also, unless otherwise specified, in the same Data format.

nameStringSample Company
streetStringSamplestreet 1
cityStringVillage of Samples

XLSX Versions

We support all XLSX versions up to and including the latest version of Office 365 in the EORI Validation module. Please understand that we no longer have older versions (XLS) will support.

Our test scope for the EORI Validation module includes many different variants of how a Microsoft Excel document can look like. Nevertheless, we could not have all the functions and possibilities Check. If you encounter a problem while importing XLSX files, please contact us and send us one or two test records so that we can can help.