EORI Validation: CSV Import Interface

By using a simple CSV file, the “EORI Validation” is a way to check your entire database. We started with this import interface and build in the upcoming version 1.4 the number to formats (JSON and XLSX).

We ensure that compatibility is maintained when extending the CSV EORI interface. This allows you to use the latest version without additional effort when integrating into your ERP system.

In order to ensure that the individual EORI records are included in your master data, you have the option up to two unique keys in the import file. These are returned in the export file and can be used for reimport into your ERP system. You can also leave these two fields (key_1 and key_2) blank.

The default separator for each element for the EORI Validation is the ‘|’ character (pipe). This can be changed via the settings. Bold Field Names are mandatory fields (the delimiter can be changed via settings).

The EORI interface responses the complete data like company name, street, etc. We work on the functionality for a future release of our EORI Validation to extend the CSV import format to be able to compare your stored datasets with the response to find differences on your site.

Please note that all fields must be specified in the import file of the EORI Validation, even if you do not use key_1 and key_2.

Structure — EORI CSV Import File


Example in the form of a CSV file: 4711|2|EN123456… (further EORI Validations)


When creating the EORI import file, please ensure the correct number of Columns (3 columns). This note is important for possible errors during import when using CSV. Future , we will support other import formats that no longer have this limitation.

Structure — EORI CSV Export File

The EORI Validation CSV export file contains the returned values of each validation.

nameStringSample Company
streetStringSamplestreet 1
cityStringVillage of Samples

Example in the form of a CSV file (with standard delimiter):

4711|2|EN123456|Sample Company||Sample Street 1|12345|Sample Village|Germany|0|Valid||

The fields of the EORI Validation within the CSV import or export file are named in German. In the course of the extension of the import formats, these will be internationalized, i.e. we will use the field names in the future in English. However, we have thought of configuring the field names in order to increase flexibility.

The output of the export file in CSV format of the EORI Validation always includes an additional column containing the headings. Please note this in case of a possible automatic re-import of the check results.