Execute cli (Service)


Background processing cannot be started from the user interface directly. To execute background processing for EORI validation, open a command line in the directory where the


and call it with the parameter --mode auto.

Background processing processes all EORI files that are in the import directory. In the backup directory, a Copy of the import file saved and the finished test result in the export directory. In the log directory, individual processing steps are recorded.

The call with the option --mode auto can be scheduled via a repetitive task or cronjob.



ew_service_eori --help

and you get an overview of all parameters that you can pass to the cli or the service.

Usage of ew_service_eori.exe:
--checklicense Return the status of your license.
--dataobject string JSON object for single validation mode.
--getlicense Return information of your license.
--info Return info.
--inputfile string input CSV file for batch validation.
--mode string set the validation mode (single, batch, auto).
--outputfile string Output file for batch validation.
--testmail Send a testmail.
--update Check for updates.
--version Return the version information.
--validatefile string Check the import file.


Verify that the entered license data, consisting of VAT number and license key, are valid.

--dataobject string

The data of the query formatted as JSON. Used only in conjunction with --mode single.


Reads the information about the license data stored at erpware using the VAT number and license key.


You can use this information to learn which configuration files are used and whether the service has access to them.

--inputfile string

This parameter specifies the import file used during batch processing.

--mode string

The mode in which the check should take place. Possible values are: single, batch, auto

--outputfile string

The output file when using batch mode where you will find the results for the EORI validation. All checked values are stored here and can then be processed further.


If you have set up the sending of emails, you can send a test email. So , you can check if the parameters are correct.


It checks whether an update of the ID Validation or EORI module exists. Additional release information, if any, is returned.


This parameter returns the current version of the ServiceEori.


You can use this parameter to perform a formal check of the import file.

Issues of CLI/Service

All outputs are in JSON format and vary according to your return values.


The ew_service_eori CLI is configured via JSON files or the interface application. More information on the page about the EORI configuration files.