application module “duplicate check”

available from ID Validation 1.5.0 / free for all existing customers


On this page you can find the user manual for the “duplicate check” module.

ID Validation Module Duplicate Check


The duplicate check has no default settings and can be configured individually for each check. Therefore, on the module page you will find an overview of all the options that can be performed.

Select all the rules for cleansing and duplicate checking that you want to perform in batch processing.


All cleanups will be performed one after the other and will be exported in new fields afterwards. If cleanups are performed, the duplicate check will be performed afterwards.


The duplicate check checks all transferred records one after the other and forms groups. These groups can be used to all duplicate data records can be viewed and processed subsequently. Which rules were executed during the check of a duplicate is also output.

Batch processing

Select a file or drag and drop it to the “Import file” field and check it by pressing the “Check button”. This will start the verification of the entire file.

The process of checking takes some time depending on the size of the file.

The name of the duplicate export file is automatically assigned and generated in the identical format as the format passed. For example, if a file with the name “dubletten.json” is passed, the name of the log file will be “dubletten-log.json”.


Pre-validation of a duplicate import file can help you to check the format and the number of records found without performing a validation. The file will be analyzed and the result will be shown to you with a message.

Configuration files

The duplicate check configuration files are saved in json format and can be edited manually. edited. As long as you only use the graphical user interface, you should rarely have rarely come into contact with these files.

Please only use editors that can perform a syntax check to avoid malfunctions of the duplicate check. We recommend always using the interface for configuration.