run client tool (cli)

available from ID Validation 1.5.0 / free of charge for all existing customers

You can also run the duplicate check without the graphical interface. For running the client tool (cli) in a command line, please specify all necessary parameters.



ew_service_duplicate --help

and you will get the overview of all duplicate check parameters that you can pass to the cli.

Usage of: ew_service_duplicate.exe [options]
 -h --help Show this help
 -c --cleaner list of cleaning rules (default: all), comma-separated
                      c001 - Remove multiple spaces
                      c002 - Remove trailing spaces
                      c003 - Remove non printable characters
                      c004 - Remove German letters (umlauts, ß)
                      c005 - Normalize quotes, special chars (Result: ', ", -)
 -d --duplicates list of duplicate checks (default: all), comma-separated
                    Duplicate checks:
                      d100 - Entries matching with 100%
                      d101 - Entries matching ignoring case
                      d102 - Entries matching ignoring country
                      d103 - Entries matching ignoring firstname/lastname
                      d104 - Entries matching ignoring department
                      d105 - Entries matching ignoring country/firstname/lastname/department
                      d106 - Entries matching ignoring number
                      d107 - Entries matching ignoring postcode
                      d108 - Entries matching ignoring town
                      d109 - Entries matching ignoring firstname
                      d110 - Entries matching ignoring lastname
                      d111 - Entries matching ignoring street
 -i --importfile Filename to import (csv, json, xlsx)
 -o --exportfile Filename to export the results (csv, json, xlsx)

-h --help

Display all necessary parameters supported by the cli.

-c --cleaner

If you want to perform only a certain selection of cleanups or all of them, specify this parameter. If this is omitted, no cleanups will be performed.

-d --duplicates

If you want to perform only a certain selection of duplicate checks or all of them, specify this parameter. If this parameter is omitted, the data will not be checked for duplicates.

-i --importfile

Specify the file with data to import with this parameter.

-o --exportfile

Specify the export file with this parameter. It is important that it is not identical to the import file.

Output from cli/Service

The cli keeps printing messages on the command line during runtime, so that you can keep track of how far the the checks are progressing.


The configuration of the ew_service_duplicate CLI is done via JSON files or via the user interface application. For more information please refer to the Duplicate configuration files page. *** Translated with (free version) ***