ID Validation: Software configuration

Program Launch

Start ID Validation via the created shortcut or by double-clicking on IDValidation.exe inside of the installation folder. The graphical interface opens, with which you can operate and configure the individual modules.

When you start the program, some processes run in the background that ensure that the data you use are correct. Since version 1.3.2, an automatic update check is available again.

If your network requires the use of a proxy server, you may receive error messages when you start the program come. These will no longer appear once you have set the proxy server settings. If you continue to experience problems, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Find in it you may need more information.

All calls can also be passed directly on the command line to the respective module program.

ID Validation Main Window


The menu “Extras” takes you to all settings and configuration options for ID Validation and all available modules.

ID Validation Extras menu

The settings made in these input fields are valid for all modules of ID Validation.


From the “Documentation” menu you can access all documentation pages of ID Validation and VAT Validation.

ID Validation Menu Documentation

Clicking on one of the entries will open the website at the latest version.


ID Validation Settings Network


If your Internet connection is via a proxy server, you can enter the corresponding configuration data. Please note that a prefixed http://or https://not specified needs to be.


You have the option to send the results of the validation to a user by email send. To do this, enter the corresponding SMTP data of your e-mail system. In the field for the mail server, please also enter , enter the corresponding port (e.g. “mail.server:25”).

The e-mails will then be sent from the sender’s address with all the necessary information to the entered destination address is sent. This functionality is available exclusively within the background processing.


ID Validation Licensing

Enter here your license key received from us when you purchased the software. This enables you to activate the limitations of the trial version (the first 25 entries from the import file) and the reference within the program to the Trial version is no longer displayed.

Help Menu

You can use the Help menu to get more information about ID Validation. You can also check for updates.

ID Validation Menu Help

License Information

Request your license information that we have stored about you. These Please provide information in case of support. Have you purchased your license through a OEM partners, you can also find the relevant contact details in this Dialogue.

Check for updates

Check if there is an ID Validation update. If a new version of the ID Validation, you can go directly to the website to download. Please keep your ID Validation installation up to date.

Support Ticket

Since version 1.3.2 there is now a direct link to our support system. Please always enter the , so that we can narrow down and investigate any errors.

About ID Validation

Get an overview of the version of the ID currently used by you Validation. Please provide this information in case of support.