ID Validation 1.2.4

With the Version 1.2.4 we have published the first release in 2020 of our ID Validation. With a few minor fixes and updates we have also added a change during batch processing. Now, as long as your file is still being processed, the output file is not provided in CSV format. This avoids an early …

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ID Validation 1.2.3

We have just published a correction in the module USt-IdNr-Check (Download Version 1.2.3). Firstly, SV-12 corrected an error that did not replace the values in returns when using variables. SV-13 also corrected an error that caused a runtime error when importing text with quotation marks (e.g. “Test” GmbH). We are looking forward to your feedback.

ID Validation 1.2.2

In the version 1.2.2 of our ID Validation we have added the ad from our distributors. If you are using the ID Validation integrated into an application or have purchased it through a reseller, this information will now be displayed within the license information. In addition, we have updated some translations and adapted the documentation …

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ID Validation 1.2.1

Version 1.2.1 is a bugfix release that contains two fixes: In the Windows command prompt (cmd) the output of the cli application was not visible. This was fixed. The BZSt return values were not correctly generated under certain circumstances, resulting in a runtime error. This is also fixed in release 1.2.1. . Please always give …

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ID Validation 1.2.0

We are pleased to release the next version of ID Validation. With the version 1.2.0 and the integrated module VAT-ID-Check 3.2.0 we have added multi-client capability. If you use several clients with different VAT ID numbers in a group of companies, you can now license each additional VAT ID number at low cost. You do …

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ID Validation 1.1.0

We have now integrated the European Commission’s interface, which was frequently requested last week. As a customer with a German VAT ID number, you can choose between the two interfaces. You can download the now published version 1.1.0 from our Download page. ID Validation 1.1.0 [IV-8] Implementation of the BZSt and VIES selection [IV-9] Set …

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ID Validation 1.0.1

After the release of our ID Validation in version 1.0 we received some feedback to which we react with the now released version 1.0.1. You can download the now released version 1.0.1 from our download page. ID Validation 1.0.1 [IV-6] Changes of the settings showed licensed version only after restart [IV-7] Button to test the …

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ID Validation 1.0 is ready

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.0 of ID Validation today. ID Validation is the consequent further development of the USt-IdNr check (integrated as module) which has been available for almost 10 years. Many things have changed. We would like to introduce many of the new features to you. Optimized user interface …

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Version 2.3.2 paves the way for version 3

With today’s release of Version 2.3.2 we have introduced the following changes: Correction at program start of settings to TLS 1.2 Problems Use the new update system of erpware’s own Software Deployment Network (sdn) Signed setup to verify authenticity

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