ID Validation 1.0 is ready

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.0 of ID Validation today. ID Validation is the consequent further development of the USt-IdNr check (integrated as module) which has been available for almost 10 years. Many things have changed. We would like to introduce many of the new features to you.

Optimized user interface

Almost 95% of our customer feedback showed that batch processing is the main function of our application. We have therefore moved this function to the main window to make it even easier to use. Thus the main functions of the application can be used with a few clicks.

Multiple languages

Right from the start, we have taken multilingualism into account when developing new products. Even though at the moment only customers with a German VAT identification number can use the software (this is due to the use of the interface of the Federal Central Tax Office), the interface is already implemented in English. The language can be changed without a restart.

Integration into third-party systems

Thanks to the new architecture, all modules can be integrated into third-party systems. Each module can be called via command line parameters. The return values are standardized (JSON format) and therefore allow integration into processes and applications with little effort. It is also possible to run ID Validation and individual modules under Linux. Ask us about this.


Licensing is now based on the sales tax identification number and no longer on the company name.

Modular structure

In the past, customer requests could almost only be implemented with a completely new development. The entire software architecture did not offer the possibility to implement changes with little effort. This led to unexpectedly high project costs and for some applications to unprofitability. We have now taken this into account for all future extensions in the new development. We can now develop new modules with reduced effort and adapt existing modules to customer requirements. We look forward to your suggestions and suggestions.

System requirements reduced

In the past we used the .Net Framework for our application. Time and again, incompatibilities or malfunctions occurred that led to an effort in a heterogeneous customer landscape that we no longer wanted to spend. With ID Validation, we completely dispensed with a framework and implemented the components in programming languages that dispense with frameworks or the need for DLLs.

We look forward to your feedback!

Your erpware team

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