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We help you verify your master data and create tools for validating your master data and integration to automate your internal processes.

As erpware, we have been developing and distributing the software for more than 10 years ID Validation (formerly known as “VAT Validation”) and have extended. Master data management with the development of tools for automated testing of your master data is our strength.

Through our experience in the field of ERP application development and the consequent further development of the “VAT Validation” we managed to publish the ID Validation.

We support the legal amendment to 01.01.2021 (para. 18e.1. Paragraph 5 of the VAT):
The settings allow you to save the executed requests and responses of the BZSt in a separate directory with the corresponding checksum.
Are you interested in a revision-proof online storage?
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ID Validation with module VAT Validation

The functions of ID Validation are extended via Modules and are automatically available to every user as soon as we publish them. This means that you will automatically benefit from new modules and you will receive additional features that you can use as part of your licensing process.

The latest addition to ID Validation is the module EORI Validation. With this module you have the possibility to to validate a single EORI number or the complete inventory of EORI numbers in your ERP system. The module will receive all Customers automatically update to version 1.4.3 of our ID Validation.

One of our next modules is currently being developed, the “Duplicate Check”. In addition to cleaning up typos and Standardizing the entered data, we will also identify duplicate entries. But before this module is made available, we are working under high pressure on the completion of new functions of ID Validation itself. This includes the Import from JSON, XML and also Microsoft Excel. All existing and future modules will be able to import these formats. Find out more about this in our Roadmap.

Do you need an individual application to check your master data or would you like to check data for quality at regular intervals?

We would be happy to work with you to create your solution that is tailored to your needs.

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On November 1st, 2020, we turned off our old API.
Please update to ID Validation 1.3.2 or higher!